A Multi-System, Supermajor Event in Salzburg, Austria

The Alpine Grant Tournament is the biggest tabletop gaming event in Austria and it will take place on July 1-2 2023.

(You need both a Tournament Ticket and a Convention Ticket to attend the event)

What is The Alpine GT?

The Alpine Grand Tournament is a multi-system, two day singles tournament. These are the guaranteed tournaments for this years event so far,

#1 – Warhammer 40,000 SuperMajor
#2 – Star Wars Legion GT
#3 – The 9th Age GT
#4 – Age of Sigmar GT

How can i join?

You can get more information and purchase your tournament tickets from above. The event will be held in the convention “Level-Up Salzburg” and tickets for the convention are available HERE..

The event will be full of side shows where you can enjoy yourself during breaks and there will be a bar along with many food trucks for refreshments and a good time!


Convention Name: Level-Up

Address: Messezentrum, Salzburg, Austria

Alpine GT: Crown of Europe Invitational

Presented by BreakigHeads