Tournament Rules & Info

Tournament Rules – General

The Austrian 9th Age community is proud to introduce you to The Alpine GT.

We will be Part of a great games convention and trying to get a big tournament back on the scene in the alps.

Scaling means more time for preparation, so we will start the Tournament with a maximal player capacitation of 64 players. As soon we will reach that number we will add more player slots. We apologize for this kind of preparation, but we want this event, for everbody to be a very nice experience and need to be sure to be able to get nice tables & good judging!

Tournament Rules – General (Subject to Change)

Played will be 9th Age 4500 points, five Rounds, Swiss System Tournament.

  • We want to encourage you to play with painted armies (we are part of a Game´s Convention!!)
    • Painting Points: not fully painted: 0points
    • Below TT standard: 3points
    • TT standard: 4points
    • Way above TT standard (hence a Showcase army): 5points
    • Additionally points for creativity, wow effects, etc: 1point

  • That being said, everything must be recognizeable at the tournament. If you are unsure wether or not a figure is clear enough, please contact us before the event.

  • Army List Submission:
    • via this link you can join the tournament on Newrecruit and enter a list (LINK TO COME)
    • Newrecruit is a freeware and can be used on any browser (
    • Objectives and Deployment-type: will be shared after List submission is finished.

Get your tickets from here;