Teams will consist of five members for The Alpine Cup 2024. Any number of teams are allowed from a single country with no nationality requirements.

Tournament Rules – General (Subject to Change)

-10th Edition
-2000 points Strikeforce armies, fully painted and WYSIWYG,
-Preset missions and terrain, played on a 60” by 44” table
-Forgeworld units are allowed
-Units of Legend may not be used
-Official language of the tournament is English

  • Singles Event: April 4 Thursday (3 games) – 
    5 Friday (2 or 3 games with a potential top cut depending on final number of players) 2024

-3 hour rounds

-Chessclocks are mandatory. 

  • Team Event: April 6 Saturday (3 games) –
    7 Sunday (2 games) 2024

5 Player Teams

-3 hour rounds with 30 minutes pairing, for total round time of 3.5 hours
-Chessclocks are mandatory. (Each team must bring 3)
-Only one of each faction per team, which means only one instance of SM/DW/DA/BA/SW…

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Event Timeline

  • Registration Deadline: May 1st 2023 – March 25th 2024
  • Document Deadline: March 20th
    (Note: If a codex has been released but hasn’t received an FAQ it can not be used in The Alpine Cup. This FAQ might be one created by TAC)
  • Pairing System Registration: March 27th
  • Army List Submission: March 26th
  • Army List Corrections: March 28th
  • First Round Draw: March 29th