• This following page and all the documents were created for The Alpine Cup 2021, which took place on August 12-15 2021. It will be kept alive as an archive but check our homepage for any upcoming event.s

The rulespack for The Alpine Cup can be found here.

WTC FAQ can be found here.

Adepta Sororitas Pre FAQ Document can be found here.

Both WTC FAQ and Adepta Sororitas Pre FAQ document will be used for this years event.

The Map Pack can be found here.

Singles Army Lists

Team Army Lists

Teams will consist of four members for The Alpine Cup. Any number of teams allowed from a single country with no nationality requirements.

Tournament Rules – General

-9th Edition, 2020 2021 Grand Tournament Warhammer 40,000 rules
-2000 points Strikeforce armies, fully painted and WYSIWYG,
-Preset missions and terrain, played on a 60” by 44” table
-Forgeworld units are allowed
-Units of Legend may not be used
-Official language of the tournament is English

  • Singles Event: August 12 Thursday – 13 Friday 2021

-3 hour rounds

  • Team Event: August 14 Saturday (3 games) – 15 Sunday (2 games) 2021

-3 hour rounds with 30 minutes pairing, for total round time of 3.5 hours
-Chessclocks are mandatory. (Each team must bring 3)
-Only one of each faction per team, which means only one instance of SM/DW/DA/BA/SW… can be taken per team. Chaos Daemons can only be summoned by one player on the team, and cannot be summoned if there is a player with a Faction Chaos Daemons Detachment in their team.

Event Timeline

  • Registrations: May 21st – July 1st
  • Document Deadline: July 19th

(Note: If a codex has been released but hasn’t received an FAQ it can not be used in The Alpine Cup)

  • Pairing System Registration: July 19th
  • Army List Submission: July 19th – July 26th
  • Army List Corrections: July 26th – August 2nd