(This page currently displays the 2023 Gatherings. It will be updated in January 2024)

It is alway nice to come together during the evenings of The Alpine Cup, so we arranged two gatherings for all players!

There are no tickets for these gatherings, they are free to attend where in order to create a landing point to for all TAC attendees

Wednesday Welcome

First gathering is located in San Marco, a cozy restaurant where you can relax after your trip to Leoben. We have reserved their private cellar dining hall just for TAC players!

Starting Time: 18:00 (Go inside the restaurant and down the stairs, we are located in the cellar)


Friday Festivities

Our second gathering is located in Cafe Bellini, a rooftop cafe/bar where you can meet and chat with fellow TAC players while enjoying a beatiful view of Leoben city center.

Starting Time: 18:00


We already reserved the spots for you, so you dont need to call for reservations in the restaurants.