Welcome to “The Alpine Cup”. A series of tabletop events in the middle of the Alps.

The Alpine Cup 2023

The Alpine Cup is our signature event, hosted in Leoben, Austria. It is a four day event that includes both singles and team 40K tournaments. It will be held on April 13-16.

TAC 23 General Info

Attendance, food, merchandising and other


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Venue and Location

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The Alpine Grand Tournament 2023

The Alpine Grand Tournament is our multisystem event that is hosted in Salzburg, Austria. It will include a 40k Super Major. In addition there will be T9A, SWL and AoS Grand Toruanemnts. There will also be display games for Horus Heresy and much more!

What is The Alpine Cup?

The Alpine Cup (TAC) is an international tabletop strategy gaming event. First TAC was hosted in August 2021 in Leoben, Austria and is planned to be an annual event that will be hosted every year.

A new kind of tournament under the mountains!