Kassel Cup – Alpine Cup is a  Singles + Teams Warhammer 40,000 Tabletop Tournament. The first Kassel Cup will be hosted on September 5-8 2024 in the beautiful german city of Kassel.

SEPTEMBER 5-8, 2024
  • 10th Edition 2024 GT Pack
  • 32 Teams, 160 Players, 5 Rounds, Swiss Pairings
  • 2000 Points Strikeforce armies, fully painted and WYSIWYG
  • 3 hour rounds, 3 hour 30 minutes for Teams
  • Forgeworld units are allowed
  • Legends are NOT allowed
  • Preset missions and terrain, played on a 60″x44″ on table. (Map Pack will be added soon)
  • WTC FAQ will be in use
  • T3 Registered
Additional information regarding
Event Location

Mehrzweckhalle Frommershausen

Pfadwiese 10, 34246 Vellmar, Germany

Attendance Policy
(Kassel CUP)

Any attendance rights and services purchased is refundable within 14 days of purchase and/or up to 14 days to the event. If requested, the funds can be transfered to the next Alpine Cup event. This refund is subject to a administration fee.