Leoben 40K Venue 2025
40k event

Landesstraße 36, 8712 Proleb, Austria


Leoben 40K (April 2024) and Leoben AoS (December 2023) will be hosted in Leoben, Austria. Leoben is located in central Austria. Because of the city’s central location you can come via car, train or plane.

by car

Parking is widely available in city, we recommend arriving to the town with your car to your accomdoation and then taking the shuttle busses we will arrange each morning and evening for the tournament.

  • There are effectively unlimited parking spaces available. You can still drive to and from the venue everyday.
by train

Austria has a very expansive rail system and the Leoben train station is within walking distance to both to our offered accomodations and the venue of the tournament. Name of the station is “Leoben Hbf”.

by plane

The closest two airports are the Wien-Schwechat (Lower Austria) and Graz-Thalerhof. After the flight you can come to Leoben by Train.

Just search for the connection from “Vienna Airport” to “Leoben Hbf” from the link below from Vienna Airport, the train station is in the arrival terminal itself and it is a very convenient journey even with luggage.


We have arranged special deals for The Alpine Cup attendees where you will be be able to stay in a few student accommodations near the both possible event location.

These are available in the Alpine Store.


We have prepared a few social events for our players in the town for the first time during Alpine Cup 22 and
of course we will be repeating those events in the future!